Greek ΞηροντόβαλαKsêrodóvala : Orange juice pulp that overwhelms the orange juice, by being too numerous.

This is a dialectical word that was used alot in my grandmother's village, in the Peloponnese. edit: morphologically, the word is a plural, referring to the particles themselves. a singular piece of orange juice pulp particule, that belongs to a group of trouble-making, orange juice-ruining pulp in a glass would be referred to as a "ξεροντόβαλο" "Kserodóvalo" EDIT2: Its spelled with an epsilon, not an heta. my bad. "Ξεροντόβαλα" pronounced "kseh-roh-DOH-va-la" (there are two forms of the word Ksêro), which mean dry. with an heta (ξηρο), its more scientific and refers usually to topology. its probably katharevousa idk. with an epsilon (ξερο), its probably demotic and in the modern language refers most commonly to food.) EDIT3: Usage in a sentence: "αυτη τη φορά ρε μαλακες δε θελω ξεροντόβαλα στη πορτοκαλάδα μου!" - "(Afti ti forá re malakes dhe thelo kserontóvala sti portokaládha mou!" english: "this time I don't want fucking kserodovala in my orange juice!"