Chinese 画龙点睛Lit. to draw in eyes on a painted dragon.

This comes from a story about Zhang Sengyou, a famous painter from the sixth century. The story goes that he drew 4 dragons on a wall and said that if you draw eyes on the dragons, then they will come to life. The people didn't believe him so they painted in the eyes on one of the dragons, then lightning struck the wall and that same dragon flew into the sky. The other 3 dragons were still there. The word can also mean "to add a one-liner at the end of a speech to clinch the point." Original story for those interested: 张僧繇于金陵安乐寺,画四龙于壁,不点睛。每曰:“点之即飞去。”人以为诞,因点其一。须臾,雷电破壁,一龙乘云上天。 不点睛者皆在。