Chinese 杠精A type of annoying commenter/person responding in conversation.

Originally internet slang, 杠精 literally means "a crowbar/lever/rod (杠) come to life/in human form (精)" It's used to describe people being nitpicky or arguing for the sake of argument; they miss the forest for the trees; they're only talking because they want to seem correct on some (usually tangential/insignificant) point. Example: if someone were to read this post and comment about how the literal translation above isn't completely accurate because each character actually means something a little different. (this is a joke. sort of.) Example: a youtube comment I saw earlier on a video about someone surviving electrocution that said something along the lines of "electrocution comes from electric + execution, so this person did not get electrocuted because they did not die" Example: honestly...most reddit comment sections that hit front of r/all will have a ton of this