Chinese撒娇To behave cutely for the attention of a loved one.

Repost cause I formatted it wrong the first time! Definitions 撒娇 - []( 甘える - []( So these two translate v well between each other. They both mean “to behave cutely for the attention of a loved one” and can be used when a child does it to a parent or when romantic partners do it to each other. Perfectly fine, no grammatical error, perfectly normal connotations. Yesterday night, however, my brain decided to, out of nowhere, tell me that they can’t be translated into English. And I doubled checked by looking for several translation but all I got were “to flirt” or “to behave coquettishly”. The closest the get would be "to behave like a spoiled child". But that's entirely not the connotation the Japanese and Chinese words carry! It works for the romantic partners denotation but when it comes to the child-parent denotation, I wanted to vomit my brain out. Anyone else agrees w this English translation?