Learn Speech on Falou

Falou is the perfect app for anyone looking to improve their speaking skills. With a focus on conversation, Falou makes learning a new language easy and fun. You'll be able to practice with native speakers from all over the world, and get feedback on your pronunciation. Whether you're preparing for a trip or just want to learn more about another culture, Falou is the perfect way to do it. The biggest drawback of Falou is not being comprehensive. You can use it as an app to complement your learning journey, but on its own, it's difficult to see how a speaking app will help you improve your writing for example. So if you are someone whose natural learning preference is speaking, go for this. Otherwise, make sure you have another method, such as tutors (italki has tutors for almost every language, we rated it 5 stars.)
Price: $9.99/month
Methods: Speech
Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone
Total languages offered: 18
Other languages: