Learn Movies on Lingopie

This innovative app uses movies and TV shows to help you learn a new language. With LingoPie, you'll be able to keep up with your studies, even when you're catching up on your series. They have an innovative subtitle-based learning system, where every word in the subtitle is clickable so you can understand its meaning and dig deeper. Whether you're brushing up on your Spanish or learning French for the first time, this is a minimum-effort app that has a lot of promise!
Price: $12/month
Methods: Movies, TV shows
Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone, Web
Total languages offered: 7
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Learn Movies on Language Reactor

Language Reactor is a language learning app on the web that uses Youtube, Netflix, and other platforms to help you learn languages. You can download their Chrome extension, that is already used by a million people, to add explanations and translations to the things you watch.

After you install the extension and you visit Youtube or Netflix, it will ask you to choose your native language. Once you click on a video, it will show you: the subtitles in the origin language, and the subtitles in your native language. It will also add a side panel with the entire text of the video.

You can click on each word, and it will open up a dictionary. It will also pronounce this word for you. If you find that people in your destination language speak too quickly, this will definitely help you understand what they are saying.

Here is an image of what all of this looks like on Youtube for a video that's 100% in French:

Overall, Language Reactor is an efficient and easy way to a language - it's also free, which means you will have nothing to lose giving it a try.

The only drawback of Language Reactor is that it might be more suited for intermediate or advanced learners. If you are an absolute beginner, you might want to spend a few months learning the basics of the language first.

Take the video above as an example. Learning what "ravin" or "reculée" mean has little to no use for someone who doesn't know what the basic sentence structure is, what the basic verbs are, or simply how to say "My name is...".

In conclusion, if you are looking to complement your learning, Language Reactor is a great tool. But if you are an absolute beginner, you might want to start somewhere else first.

Price: Free (with premium plan)
Methods: Books, Flashcards, Movies, TV shows
Devices: Web
Total languages offered: 25
Other languages: