Learn Swedish on Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a language-learning app that started in the 90s for auditory learners.
Price: Free
Devices: Android, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and Web

Learn Swedish on Ling

Ling's app has features that make learning fun and easy. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced speaker, Ling has something for everyone. You learn at your own pace with tons of lessons, vocabulary lists, and quizzes. You can even practice your conversation skills with their chatbot.
Price: Free
Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web

Learn Swedish on Mango Languages

Mango Languages uses algorithms to offer a personalized language learning experience. Language learners can speak and hear the language they are learning, participate in daily quizzes to reinforce their progress, and even engage in live conversations with native speakers around the world. Language instructors also use Mango Languages to create customizable lessons tailored to each student's current skill level.
Price: $6.67/month

Learn Swedish on Clozemaster

Summary: Clozemaster is a Web & iOS app that helps language learners practice and learn new words using fill-in-the-blank sentences. It's another gamified app like Duolingo.
Price: Free
Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web

Learn Swedish on Udemy

You can use Udemy to learn a new language. Courses such as "Learn Dutch Beginner" and "French Language Learning: Language and Culture for Absolute Beginners," will help kickstart you in those two languages.
Price: Free
Devices: Web