Learn Russian on Qlango

Qlango is a language learning app that promises to help you learn a new language in 5-minute increments, as each lesson lasts that long. It offers quick and easy lessons, along with interactive games, flashcards, and chatbots to help you learn vocabulary and grammar.
Price: Free
Devices: Android, and iPhone

Learn Russian on LingQ

LingQ is a language learning app that uses the same logic for learning a new language as learning your native tongue: using content you already like. They have books, news, podcasts, sports coverage, politics, culture, and food to name a few.
Price: Free
Devices: Android, iPad, iPhone, and Web

Learn Russian on Udemy

You can use Udemy to learn a new language. Courses such as "Learn Dutch Beginner" and "French Language Learning: Language and Culture for Absolute Beginners," will help kickstart you in those two languages.
Price: Free
Devices: Web

Learn Russian on Bravolol

Bravolol is a series of apps like "Learn French", "Learn Japanese", or "Learn Italian" that offer a basic language learning experience.
Price: depends
Devices: Android, iPad, and iPhone